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About Jim's Book

2084: A Congress of the People is a literary novel, the first of a trilogy revolving around a new, nonpartisan, national legislative system. The future setting is from 2083 to 2085, with extensive flashbacks throughout 2013 to 2069, spanning three generations. Hot problematic romances spice the novel; sinister intrigues spike it. An ending discloses a metaphysical twist hinted at frequently. Though this work uses multiple fiction genres—thriller, science fiction, romance, speculative (metaphysical) fiction—its advocacy for societal change by amending the US Constitution labels it literary fiction. If there were such a genre as political science fiction or PoliSciFi, this could be the genre.

The modern world has polarized and paralyzed the United States Congress, which can often not pass a budget, shutting down the government. The target audience is thoughtful adult readers who want to remedy the US Congress’s dysfunctionality. Readers will find a solution detailed in this suspenseful fiction. Proposed amendments to the United States Constitution in three of twelve appendices are blueprints to renovate our Federal Government. The story provides a roadmap describing one way of getting these amendments passed.

We have for the first time a work that details drafted amendments that would entirely renovate the US Government. Jim authored this novel to motivate people to insist that their legislators pass this or a similar Amendment to the US Constitution. He seeks and engages in any forum to discuss this work and this fix to our national government’s breakdown.

 2084: A Congress of the People is a takeoff on the George Orwell novel’s title 1984. While 1984 warned of a future dystopian world, 2084 is neither dystopian nor utopian. It is better than what we now have with our dysfunctional Congress—not perfect. There is still room for further improvement in 2084.

For a description of this new system of government, please click here.

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